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Empowering Women and Mothers: Elsa's Story

With Mother's Day and World Fair Trade Day approaching, it's the perfect time to highlight the story of Elsa Marina Hernandez, a member of UPAVIM, and the impact that UPAVIM has had on mothers like her. Elsa has been with UPAVIM Crafts for over 26 years and currently serves as the quality control manager.

Elsa, UPAVIM Quality Control Manager

Elsa's journey with UPAVIM Crafts began when she started working with handcrafts such as jewelry, and from there, she learned how to sew. Three years ago, Elsa started working in quality control, where she reviews every product from each co-worker, looking for ways to continue learning as much as she can from them.

As a single mother of six children, Elsa has faced many challenges over the years. She is grateful for UPAVIM's support, which has allowed her to provide for her family and ensure that her children receive a good education. Her oldest daughter, who is now 30, is a testament to Elsa's hard work and dedication. Despite only finishing third grade, she is now working at UPAVIM, and Elsa is proud of her achievements.

Elsa credits the women at UPAVIM with teaching her to be a strong and resilient woman, to fight for her children, and to move them forward, despite the challenges she has faced as a single mother. She sees UPAVIM as her second home, a place where she can share her joys and sorrows with her colleagues and find the support she needs to keep fighting for a better life. "Upavim has helped me a lot," Elsa says. "I have a lot of good things to say about UPAVIM. With Meri, I got pregnant young, but thanks to God, my daughter has been alive for 18 years and I am on my feet and I am still standing. We depend on ourselves, we are alone and really depend on UPAVIM."

Elsa's story is a testament to the impact that UPAVIM has had on the lives of the women who work there. As a fair trade organization, UPAVIM is committed to providing sustainable jobs and empowering women in La Esperanza. By working with UPAVIM, these women are able to support their families and improve their economic situations.

As we approach Mother's Day and World Fair Trade Day, it is important to remember the impact that fair trade has on mothers around the world. For many of the women who work with UPAVIM, their jobs provide them with the ability to care for their children and provide for their families. By supporting fair trade organizations like UPAVIM, we can make a difference in the lives of these women and their families.

Elsa's story highlights the power of hard work, determination, and community support. At UPAVIM Crafts, we are inspired by Elsa's dedication and commitment to her work and her family. We are proud to have her as a part of our team and are grateful for all that she brings to our community. This Mother's Day and World Fair Trade Day, let's celebrate the amazing work of UPAVIM and other fair trade organizations around the world. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of mothers and families in need.