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UPAVIM Guatemala Tour: What To Pack

Packing Essentials:

1. Clothing: Guatemala's climate can vary, so we recommend packing lightweight and breathable clothing suitable for warm days and cooler evenings. Don't forget to include comfortable walking shoes, a hat, and a light jacket or sweater. Most people in Guatemala do not wear shorts although tourists commonly do. It is up to you if you’d like to wear them, and there will be no problems. I typically wear a dress, skirt, pants or jeans while in Guatemala.

2. Travel Documents: Please bring a valid passport (with a minimum validity of six months beyond the trip end date) and make copies of your passport, travel insurance documents, and emergency contact information. It's a good idea to keep these copies in a separate location from the originals.

3. Personal Medications: If you take any prescription medications, ensure that you have an adequate supply for the duration of the trip. Additionally, bring any necessary over-the-counter medications, such as pain relievers or antihistamines.

5. Sunscreen and Insect Repellent: Protect yourself from the sun's rays and insects by packing sunscreen (preferably eco-friendly) and a reliable insect repellent.

6. Reusable Water Bottle: To reduce plastic waste and stay hydrated, we encourage you to bring a reusable water bottle. Clean drinking water will be available throughout the trip. Tip: Need a good way to carry one? Check out our Water Bottle Holder Bags!

7. Daypack or Small Bag: A small backpack or bag is useful for carrying personal items during excursions and day trips. Don't have a good carrying bag? Check out our Black Ikat Fanny Pack!

8. Camera/Phone: Capture the beautiful scenery, and ensure you have enough battery power for your devices.

9. Travel Snacks: Non-perishable snacks for when you're on the go, or in areas where food might be limited.

10. Reusable Shopping Bag: One foldable, reusable bag for carrying items you might purchase during your travels.

11. Crossbody Purse: A small crossbody purse for keeping essentials like your phone, credit cards, passport, and money. This provides convenience and security. Looking for a new one? Check out our Cross-Body Essentials Bag!

12. Spanish Phrasebook: A Spanish phrasebook to help you communicate effectively during your travels. It can be a valuable tool for interacting with locals.

13. Small Gifts or Items for Gifting: Small gifts for the school and artisans if you wish to contribute. This is not necessary, but simply a guide for those who have asked us in the past. Needed items include: Crayons, pencils, pens, etc. for the school and children, Fiskars: Cut Intricate Details with Micro-tip Scissors, gently used ladies clothing (larger sizes) or shoes (size 8 and below), chocolates, ibuprofen, liquid cold medicine, Kroger® HealthPro Glucose Test Strips, Women’s Centrum Multi-vitamins.