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San Antonio Palopo Ceramics

Guatemala CeramicsMeet the Artisans

Our ceramics are crafted in San Antonio Palapó, a small village nestled along the shores of Guatemala's famous Lake Atitlán. Due to the high-quality clay found in rich volcanic riverbeds, San Antonio Palapo is known for producing the finest ceramics and pottery in all of Guatemala.

It was this high-quality clay that attracted the legendary potter Ken Edwards to the village to start a ceramics studio. Edward's modern ceramic techniques combined with the locals' ancient pottery practices came to produce San Antonio Palapo's world-renowned ceramics we know today.

How Its Made

The locals learned how to use molds to make their pottery more efficient and consistent. They adopted the practice of modern high-firing techniques that allow lead to burn out of the glazes, thus making it lead-free and microwave safe. Each stone dish incorporates unique, hand-painted indigenous designs to showcase their culture, themes, and motifs in a vibrant, colorful style. 

The entire process of ceramic production happens all under one roof - from creating the clay, designing the molds, and drying out the pottery in the sun, to painting the designs meticulously by hand, baking in the oven for 8 hours, and finally cooling for another 8 hours before being packed and shipped to you!