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Handmade Clergy Stoles: Artistic Expressions of Faith and Sustainability

UPAVIM Crafts brings you a collection of exquisite handmade clergy stoles that blend artistry, sustainability, and fair trade practices. Crafted by skilled artisans in Guatemala, each stitch in our clergy stoles is a testament to their expertise and dedication, resulting in functional and captivating works of art. By purchasing our fair trade clergy stoles, you contribute to economic sustainability and the preservation of traditional craftsmanship. These ministerial stoles embody a commitment to ethical sourcing, empowering communities, and fostering cultural exchange. Let's explore the beauty and versatility of these handmade clergy stoles, available in various colors for different occasions.

Clergy Stole Collections

Our Brocaded Stoles are meticulously handwoven by talented artisans in Guatemala using traditional pedal looms. The process begins with the artisans skillfully weaving thick, high-quality fabric, which is then transformed into beautiful stoles showcasing a traditional Latin look. The intricate patterns and rich textures of these stoles make them a captivating and unique accessory, perfect for adding a touch of cultural elegance to any liturgical or ceremonial attire.


For those seeking a modern and timeless aesthetic, our Contemporary Stoles are a perfect choice. Handmade by our skilled Upavim artisans, these stoles use upcycled scrap fabrics to create designs on handwoven solid fabrics, resulting in a unique and stylish look. Each stole is a creative fusion of colors, textures, and patterns, reflecting the artisan's craftsmanship and creativity. The Contemporary Stoles offer a fresh take on clergy attire, blending classic elements with contemporary design, and are available in a variety of colors to suit individual preferences and occasions.


Our Tapestry Stoles showcase the beauty of traditional Guatemalan weaving techniques. Each stole is meticulously handwoven, requiring hours of labor and immense skill. The intricate patterns and designs featured on these stoles are a testament to the rich cultural heritage and artistic traditions of Guatemala. The Tapestry Stoles offer a stunning and unique addition to clergy attire, incorporating the beauty of woven artistry into religious ceremonies and events. These stoles are a true celebration of the artisan's dedication and the vibrant textile heritage of Guatemala.


Colors of Stoles for Every Occasion

UPAVIM Craft's handmade clergy stoles are designed to honor and complement the significance of each liturgical season and meaningful event. From the green stoles of Epiphany to the white and gold stoles of Christmas, and the varied colors of Lent, Holy Week, and Pentecost, each stole represents the profound symbolism associated with these occasions. By wearing these stoles, clergy members can visually communicate the essence of faith, penance, sacrifice, and celebration. Explore our collection of handmade clergy stoles and select the perfect stole to enhance your ministry during these special liturgical seasons and events.


For the Epiphany season in January, our collection features two stunning green stoles that beautifully capture the essence of this liturgical season. The Contemporary Green Stole, with its modern design and vibrant shades of green, infuses a sense of renewed life and optimism into worship. Alternatively, the Brocaded Green Clergy Stole, adorned with intricate patterns and rich green hues, evokes a sense of anticipation and reverence.


As the season of Lent approaches, our collection showcases a range of exquisite purple stoles perfect for lent that embody the solemnity and significance of this time. The Contemporary Purple Clerical Stole, with its clean lines and contemporary design, offers a modern twist to the traditional symbol of penance and sacrifice. The Purple Brocaded Stole, featuring intricate patterns and a luxurious purple fabric, adds an element of elegance and reverence to clergy attire during Lent. For those seeking a more intricate and textured stole, the Purple Tapestry stole, adorned with artistic motifs and deep purple tones, becomes a powerful visual representation of the season's introspection and spiritual preparation. With these distinct purple lent stoles, clergy members can embrace the profound meaning of Lent and guide their congregations through a season of reflection and renewal.

Holy Week

  During Holy Week, we offer stoles that capture the solemnity and reverence of this significant time. The Contemporary Red Stole or the Contemporary Rainbow with Red Stole, with their vibrant red colors, serves as a powerful symbol of the sacrifices made and the journey towards redemption. For those who prefer a deeper shade, the Contemporary Purple stole conveys a sense of solemnity and reflects the penitential aspect of Holy Week. These stoles beautifully accompany clergy members as they guide their congregations through Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday, leading them towards the ultimate celebration of Easter.


To celebrate the joyous occasion of Easter, we offer stoles that exude radiance and splendor. The White Contemporary Clergy Stole, symbolizing purity and new beginnings, serves as a visual representation of the resurrection and the triumph of light over darkness.  Adorned with this Easter stole, clergy members can lead their congregations in rejoicing and experiencing the transformative power of Easter.


During the vibrant season of Pentecost, the Contemporary Red Stole the Contemporary Rainbow with Red Stole, or the Red Brocade Stole, become a powerful emblem of God's love and the fire of the Holy Spirit. It represents the blood shed by the martyrs and the energy of celebration. Wearing one of our red stoles, clergy members can inspire their congregations to embrace the spiritual power and fervor associated with Pentecost.

Time of the Church or Ordinary Times

In the Time of the Church or Ordinary Times, our Green Contemporary Clergy Stole or Green Brocaded Stole becomes a representation of life, hope, and anticipation. It symbolizes growth and renewal, encouraging the faithful to embrace the ongoing journey of faith. The Green stole serves as a reminder of the ever-present hope and the continuous invitation to deepen one's spiritual connection.


During the season of Advent, our collection features stoles in both Blue and Purple. The Blue Brocade Stole or the Contemporary Rainbow and Blue Clergy Stole embodies the longing and anticipation for the coming of Christ, while the Contemporary Purple stole or Purple Brocaded Stole represent penance, sacrifice, and preparation. On the 3rd Sunday of Advent, the Rose color is worn to signify joy and the approaching arrival of Christ. These stoles serve as visual reminders of the spiritual significance of Advent, guiding clergy and congregations in preparing their hearts and minds for the celebration of Christ's birth.


During the Christmas season, we offer our Contemporary White and Gold Clergy Stole or the Earth Brocade Stole, reflecting the purity, light, glory, and the joyous occasion of Christ.


Wedding Stoles

In addition to our diverse range of stoles for liturgical seasons, we also offer exceptional options for wedding ceremonies, catering to the needs of wedding officiants and clergy members. Our collection features exquisite stoles specifically designed for these significant moments of union and celebration.
As clergy members preside over the sacred union of two souls in matrimony, consider our Contemporary White Clergy Stole.  Our collection offers stoles that elevate the ceremony and embody the sanctity of the moment.
The Earth Brocade Stole, with its rich tones and intricate patterns, complements the cultural and natural elements of latinx, outdoor, or earthy-themed weddings. For a more traditional and elegant choice, the Contemporary White Stole brings a touch of grace and purity to formal classic weddings. With our carefully crafted wedding stole options, wedding officiants and clergy members can confidently officiate ceremonies and create an atmosphere of love, commitment, and divine blessings.


Fair Trade Stoles: Empowering Communities, Preserving Heritage

At UPAVIM Craft, we prioritize fair trade practices and support the talented artisans in Guatemala. By purchasing our fair trade clergy stoles, you contribute to economic sustainability and the preservation of traditional craftsmanship. These stoles represent more than just fashion; they represent a commitment to ethical sourcing, empowering communities, and fostering cultural exchange. Explore our collection of handmade clergy stoles, where artistry, sustainability, and fair trade practices converge. By choosing our stoles, you support ethical sourcing, empower communities, and preserve traditional craftsmanship. At UPAVIM Craft, we invite you to experience the beauty and meaning of our handmade clergy stoles, embodying artistic expressions of faith and sustainability. Shop now and be a part of this inspiring journey.