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UPAVIM Guatemala Tour Part 1: UPAVIM School

UPAVIM recently organized its first post-COVID Guatemala tour, spanning 8 days across the country. The itinerary included stops at UPAVIM in Guatemala City, visits to Lake Atitlan to meet some of UPAVIM's artisan partners, and a memorable stop in Antigua, a UNESCO World Heritage site. With Alisa, our US Director of Sales, leading the way, we invite you to join us on this journey. Get ready to explore Guatemala's beauty, enjoy stunning photos, and hear captivating stories from our adventure.


Day 1 (Feb. 25, 2024):

Finally, the trip has begun and we have all met to experience Guatemala together! The first part of the trip is dedicated to learning more about UPAVIM.  As UPAVIM is located in Guatemala City, its the perfect opportunity to learn more about the urban areas and issues in Guatemala which are often very different that the rural areas that we will see later on in the trip.  We stayed at the Hotel Barcelo in Zone 10  and enjoyed a wonderful dinner at a Argentinian Restaurant. 

Day 2 (Feb. 26, 2024):

After an elaborate breakfast at the hotel, we were transported to UPAVIM, where the group got their initial glimpse of our impressive facilities, encompassing our school, craft center, bakery, and more. We were warmly welcomed by Paola, the school's director, and Frances, UPAVIM's Vice President.

The inaugural day at UPAVIM focused on learning more about UPAVIM's school and education initiatives.  We were fortunate to catch the tail end of a Civic Engagement assembly and proceeded to tour each classroom, where the students graciously introduced themselves.

The highlight of the day was the opportunity to engage directly with every student, teacher, and the director. We were privileged to participate in an English lesson led by Jennifer, alongside her enthusiastic fourth-grade class. It was a truly enriching experience, allowing us to connect deeply with the heart and soul of UPAVIM's educational mission.

After bidding farewell to UPAVIM, our next destination was Historic Guatemala City. We explored the Plaza de la Constitucion, marveled at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago, admired the grandeur of the National Palace, strolled through the bustling Sexta Avenida, and immersed ourselves in the vibrant atmosphere of the Central Market. The Spanish Colonial plazas, Baroque-styled Spanish Architecture, and bustling markets provided an authentic taste of the region's rich culture.

At the Central Market, we discovered a plethora of exotic fruits, purchased Guatemala soccer jerseys and various souvenirs for loved ones back home.  To top off the day, we enjoyed dinner at Saul Bistro in Zone 10, a highlight of our culinary expedition.