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UPAVIM Guatemala Tour Part 2: UPAVIM Crafts

UPAVIM recently organized its first post-COVID Guatemala tour, spanning 8 days across the country. Follow along while we cover Day 3 Tour at UPAVIM Crafts.  

UPAVIM Crafts Tour: Day 3 (Feb. 27, 2024):

On the third day of our tour, we toured UPAVIM's artisan project. Meeting the dedicated administration team of UPAVIMAS, we gained insight into the meticulous process behind creating and exporting UPAVIM's exquisite products. From raw material preparation to sewing, quality control, and packaging, each step is carefully overseen by this talented team.

Exploring the UPAVIMAS offices and warehouse, affectionately known as "la bodega," we were greeted by a treasure trove of wonders including hand-woven fabric rolls, vibrant collections of cortes, sewing machines, tools of all kinds, beads, and threads.  

Each participant was able to see how UPAVIMAS through education, training, and unwavering support, empower all UPAVIM members to manage the project themselves, showcasing their remarkable capability and dedication.



Left: Else explaining the Quality Control Process.   Right: Elsa is putting together fabric sample collections.

Under Cristi's guidance, the talented product designer, each participant was treated to a special project: embroidering a felt heart. With focused determination, everyone immersed themselves in the task, experiencing firsthand the intricate craftsmanship that our Upavimas artisans practice daily. Friendly helping hands were readily available to offer guidance and assistance.



 Anna Embroidery Heart UPAVIM Kathi Heart UPAVIM Tour

As a final farewell, the tour group had the privilege of dining at one of Guatemala's most popular restaurant chains: Pollo Campero. UPAVIM organized a drawing to select 12 lucky participants to join the group for dinner. It was a highly sought-after ticket, and despite the challenge, we managed to squeeze 17 people into our group van for an evening filled with laughter and mouthwatering fried chicken. It was a delightful way to conclude our unforgettable journey together.

Left: "17 giggly women in a van."   Right: Group photo!